Increase self reliance with apps for children and adults with special needs!

Need help with daily tasks? Experience chaos and anxiety?

Make the daily routine visual using pictures and photos.

Self reliant with the tasks step-by-step, timer & alarm!

Use our practical visual scheduling app on tablet or smartphone to aid a person with an intellectual or cognitive disability or with time and schedule difficulties.

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"Some peace and quiet was restored in our home! And that in the vacation period!"

- Lucienne Pereboom

"Super easy to use. I'm very enthusiastic!"

- Masja Veen

"How great is this, having the day schedule and all other predictability from 'Give me the 5' with you on a smartphone!"

- Centrum Kristal

"Found your site through a colleague. It really is perfect solution for us.

- Janine

How does it work?

Visual routines consist of detailed tasks and activities with easy recognizable pictures and photos. Creating and maintaining them can be a lot of work, luckily makes this super easy!

This is how it works:

Create routines and schedules using the simple-to-use online planner

Use our easy-to-use drag and drop planner tool to create a routine for each day.

We have a collection of over 11.000 ready-to-go pictures, or you can upload your own photos and images.

Use schedule templates and recurring schedules to avoid repetitive work!

  • 11.000
  • Pc and tablet
  • Recurring schedules

Offer the visual routine on mobile phone, tablet or paper

Synchronize the routines directly to the app on a mobile phone or tablet, always and everywhere access to a clear overview of the current day!

Uses alarm and speech to notify of upcoming activities and tasks. Checking off tasks to keep track of progress.

Of course you can also print schedules on paper; you can choose different clock styles, sizes and additional aids like checkboxes.

  • Timer
  • Alarm
  • Speech

Test it out for yourself!

We are confident visual routines with the help of apps on a mobile phone can support people in lots of different situations. Visual routines can be used at home and we have special version for schools and care organizations.

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