How does it work?

Creating visual schedules and checklists can greatly help in making a person more self-reliant and reduce stress. But constantly keeping them up to date them can be a lot of work!

We build this product to fix this: easily create visual schedules using drag-and-drop; automatically synchronize them to a mobile phone or tablet.

Create day and week schedules and step-by-step visual instructions using the simple-to-use online planner

Use our easy-to-use drag and drop planner tool to create a routine for each day.

We have a collection of over 11.000 ready-to-go pictures, or you can upload your own photos and images.

Use schedule templates and recurring schedules to avoid repetitive work!

The planner works from every browser; also from your (iPad) tablet.

  • 11.000
  • Pc and tablet
  • Recurring schedules

Print or e-mail clear day schedules and checklists

Easily create clear and structured visual schedules and checklists on paper.

Customize the layout, sizes and elements for a perfect fit to a specific person or situation.

Choose from different clock types, checkboxes,
custom instructions, etc ...

Download an example (PDF)

Offer the visual routine directly on mobile phone, tablet or central screen

Synchronize the routines directly to the app on a mobile phone or tablet, give a person always and everywhere access to a clear overview of the current day!

Uses alarm and speech to notify of upcoming activities and tasks. Checking off tasks to keep track of progress.

Show schedules for a group of people on a central screen.

  • Timer
  • Alarm
  • Speech

How can you use this product?

So in what situations can you use this product? Just a few examples on how the product is currently being used:

  • Make a person more self-sufficient with his or her own clear day schedule with alarm on their phone or tablet.
  • Show just what is going to happen that day or make far more detailed step-by-step schedules
  • Use pictures, photos, speech and instructions to help make activities easily recognizable and easy to understand.
  • Print clear day and week overviews on paper and place them on a visible spot.
  • Show the day overview for a group of persons on a central screen in your house or organization.
  • Use week overviews to show what is going to happen and thus avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Create clear step-by-step instructions with pictures, videos and speech and offer them on a phone or tablet
  • Follow and monitor a person remotely and see if activities get completed on time.

There are a lot of other ways in which you can use visual schedules and checklists.

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