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Increase self reliance using clear visual routines

A person with special needs, i.e: intellectual, cognitive or learning disability often needs help getting through the daily tasks and activities. By providing a clear visual schedule of daily activities you can improve self-reliance and build self-esteem.

Make the daily routine visual! Use our planner and app to provide a clear overview of the daily activities and tasks using pictures, countdown timers, speech and alarm notifications.

Provide a list of activities on a personal phone using the app or for multiple people on a central central screen in the living room. Visual routines can be used at home, personally or professionally at your care organization.

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- Centrum Kristal

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How can you increase a persons self-reliance with visual routines?

By giving a person with intellectual disability access to their own visual routine they can check at any time and place what the activities are scheduled for that moment. This makes it possible to operate with less supervision by just following the visual routines.

The routines can be scheduled by a family member, professional caretaker or together with the person who is going to use them. Routines are automatically synchronized to a mobile phone or tablet.

The app wil also notify when new tasks and activities are due and help reminding to complete them using speech and notifications. By checking of completed tasks a person keeps track without supervision.

By adding additional instructions to the schedule you can help a person perform complex routines, by just following the steps in the routine. In this way you can use widely available technical aids like phones and tablets to enhance self-reliance!

With visual routines together with the app on a phone or tablet a person with an intellectual disability is less depended on a caretaker. The person can always an at any moment check them self what the activity of that moment should be and what activities are scheduled next.

In this way self esteem and self confidence is build; the person can do more things without direct help from a caretaker. The visual routine gives structure and support!

Who can use visual routines?

The use of visual routines and schedules are especially suited for people who need some extra help remembering and performing the daily activities.

For example: help a person with an intellectual disability not forget the activities and tasks you need to get out of bed and started in the morning. Or help a person with memory issues or dementia to keep focus and track of things scheduled for a specific day.

Visual schedules use pictograms, images and photo's to make the schedule easier to understand and to make the activities recognizable.

By combing the visual schedules with a mobile phone and our app you can also use alarm notifications, countdown timers and speech to help keep focus!

What are visual schedules?

Visual schedules use images, symbols and photos to better communicate a task or activity. They are already widely used in different forms, for example on physical wall mounted boards or planners. The wide availability of smartphones and modern tablets makes it possible to make the visual schedule interactive!

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We are confident visual routines with the help of apps on a mobile phone can support people in lots of different situations. Visual routines can be used at home and we have special version for schools and care organizations.

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