Experiencing chaos? Difficulty with tasks, time and schedules?

Make the daily routine visual using pictures and photos.

Less stress with the tasks step-by-step, timer & alarm!

Increase self-reliance: create easy-to-follow picture schedules and checklists

Use PictureRoutines to create clear day- and week schedules together with step-by-step instructions.

Offer the schedules and checklists on paper; mobile phone; PC or (iPad) tablet. We have versions available for private, family, organizations and schools!

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Why use picture schedules and checklists?

Adults and children with special needs (i.e cognitive disability, ASD or difficulty with time awereness) sometimes need help getting through their daily activities and tasks without becoming stressed and anxious.

Make the daily routine visual! Create schedules and checklists to offer step-by-step support using pictures, timers, speech and alarms.

We know from experience what a difference this can make by reducing stress and increasing self reliance!

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Case-study from AT Expert

Read about the experiences on using visual schedules created with AutiPlan (a version of PictureRoutines geared towards Autism) for a 9 year old boy Clayton who is diagnosed with Asperger's.

The case study shows how visual schedules where put in practice; and also gives insight in both the challenges and gained benefits.

Download the case study (PDF)

How does it work?

Create day and week schedules and step-by-step visual instructions using the simple-to-use online planner

Use our easy-to-use drag and drop planner tool to create a routine for each day.

We have a collection of over 11.000 ready-to-go pictures, or you can upload your own photos and images.

Use schedule templates and recurring schedules to avoid repetitive work. Schedule for a individual person or for groups.

The planner works from every browser; also from your (iPad) tablet.

Print or e-mail clear day schedules and checklists

Easily create clear and structured visual schedules and checklists on paper.

Customize the layout, sizes and elements for a perfect fit to a specific person or situation.

Choose from different clock types, checkboxes,
custom instructions, etc ...

Download an example (PDF)

Offer the visual routine directly on mobile phone, tablet or central screen

Synchronize the routines directly to the app on a mobile phone or tablet, give a person always and everywhere access to a clear overview of the current day!

Uses alarm and speech to notify of upcoming activities and tasks. Checking off tasks to keep track of progress.

Show schedules for a group of people on a central screen.

Why use visual schedules and checklists?

Visual routines are helpful in many different special needs situations where extra support in the daily routine is necessary.

Help with time awareness and scheduling

Help with remembering and performing daily tasks on time with an easy to follow visual day schedule.

The visual schedule provides step-by-step instructions, and uses alarms and speech to help focus!

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Intellectual or cognitive disorders

Improve self-reliance at home, school or in care organizations by providing clear picture schedules.

Use the app on a mobile phone or tablet to increase self-reliance and at the same time boost self-esteem!

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ASD (Autism, PDD-NOS & ADHD)

A person with ASD can greatly benefit from lots of structure and predictability.

Reduce behavioral problems, anxiety and stress with daily picture schedules showing what is going to happen now and in the future.

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The benefits of a visual routine are not limited to these groups, every person who needs help in structuring tasks and activities but who finds a regular calendar (i.e Google Calendar) to difficult to use could benefit from our easy to use app.

What are visual routines and schedules?

Visual schedules use images, symbols and photos to better communicate set of tasks or activities. Because they are very easy to follow they offer structure and predictability to a person who would otherwise be overwhelmed or get anxious when performing a set of tasks and activities.

This reduces stress and can increases self reliance!

They are already widely used in different forms at home and in professional care, for example on physical wall mounted boards or planners.

Use modern tools like smartphones and tablets to help a person with special needs

The wide availability of smartphones, tablets and PC makes it possible to make the visual routines more effective and interactive with:

  • Keep track of tasks by checking off completed items
  • Notifications of tasks by alarms, sound and vibration
  • Provide visual countdown timers to keep on track
  • Provide spoken texts for people who have difficulty with reading
  • Help keep focus on the task at hand

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